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Discover the Art of Making Top-quality Soft Furnishings

Our easy to follow video courses will teach you how to make top quality soft furnishings.

The step by step approach allows you to follow along, learning new skills as you go.
With our easy-to-follow tutorials and clear instructions, you'll quickly gain the skills needed to create stunning soft furnishings at a fraction of the high-street price!

With handy hints, and tricks of the trade, these courses will teach how to make top-end high quality soft furnishings in just a few hours.
If you're serious about making soft furnishings then these simple videos will teach all you need to know.

Don't Pay High Street Prices Again!

Learn how to make your own, top quality soft furnishings, and you won't need to pay the high street prices for curtains and blinds anymore!

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Expert Instructor

Linda Turner has over 30 years experience working in the soft furnishings industry.


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Learn from an expert

As a specialist Interior Designer I have been delivering a personalised service direct to my clients in their own homes for over 20 years.

I started as a seamstress, over 30 years ago, making childrens clothes. During that time I learnt about fabrics as well as different sewing and machine skills required in the industry.

Good advice matters

I have gained an in depth knowledge of different fabrics and how best to use them. The do's and don'ts when it comes to making curtains and blinds and tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Whether you're a beginner looking to acquire new skills or an enthusiast seeking to refine your techniques, my on-line courses equip you with the knowledge and confidence to make beautiful soft furnishings at a fraction of the high street prices!

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